marriage vitamins for husbands

Marriage vitamins

These are marriage vitamins for husbands. Vitamins are chemical substances which are found in very small quantities in certain foods and fruits.  Lack of certain vitamins can cause weaknesses and diseases in people and animals.  Vitamins are named by a letter of the alphabet A, B, C, D, E, G, H, K or P.  i.e. Oranges contain vitamin C.1

Modern day medicine had been able to package vitamins in tablets or capsules as food supplements.  One tablet of vitamins a day can provide the vitamin needs for the day.  Taking the required vitamin dosage per day increases energy and metabolism, promotes better digestion, improves ability to concentrate, eliminates toxins in the body, promotes better blood circulation, boosts the immune system etc.

There are special vitamin formulas for men, women, children and the aged.  There are also some that both men and women can take.

These marriage vitamins for husbands will do the same thing for a husband in his marriage relationship just as adequate intake of vitamins will do for his body.  Most men don’t joke with vitamin supplements.  It is the secret of strength and vitality!

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Marriage Vitamins for Husbands:

marriage vitamins for husbands1. Love your wife (Eph. 5:25) 

         *This is God’s number one commandment to every husband.

         *The true show of love is sacrifice.

          *Be ready to give up anything for the sake of your marriage.

          *Let your wife be second only to God in your heart.


marriage vitamins for husbands 2. LEAVE AND CLEAVE (Gen. 2:24)

        *The man is to leave parents and cleave to his wife.

        *Without leaving, there can be no cleaving.

        *Marriage is for men already weaned from milk.


marriage vitamins for husbands 3. LISTEN TO YOUR WIFE

      *Your wife always has something to say.

       *If you do not listen to her, she feels rejected.

       *What she enjoys most with you is conversation.

       *If you snub her consistently, she becomes wearied of you.


marriage vitamins for husbands4. TALK TO YOUR WIFE

       *Don’t treat your wife as a radio, talk to her.

       *Let no day pass without quality time of conversation.


marriage vitamins for husbands 5. GIVE THE GIFT OF FULL ATTENTION

        *Look into her eyes while she talks with you.

        *Close the newspaper and look into her direction.

        *Let her know you are interested in her stories.

        *That means to her, you are interested in her.


marriage vitamins for husbands 6. DEFEND YOUR WIFE BEFORE YOUR FAMILY

        *She is counting on you to speak for her, do not let her down.

        *The way you present your wife to your family is the way they will receive her.


marriage vitamins for husbands 7. PROVIDE FOR YOUR HOME

“But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, He hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”  (1 Tim. 5:8)

        *It is your responsibility to win bread for your family.

        *Provide specially for your own.

        *You are a man, you can do it!


marriage vitamins for husbands 8. TAKE YOUR WIFE OUT FOR DINNER

       *Your wife likes special treatments.

       *Give her a treat and expect a treat in return.

       *Eating out occasionally reduces the excuses of ‘I am tired’.


marriage vitamins for husbands 9. TAKE HER WITH YOU ON SOME OFFICIAL TRIPS

        *Reduce the temptations that official trips provide.


marriage vitamins for husbands 10. HOLD HER HANDS REGULARLY

        *Holding her hands assures her of your care.


marriage vitamins for husbands 11. KISS HER REGULARLY

       *Kissing is not only for sex.

       *Nonsexual kissing is sweeter to a woman.


marriage vitamins for husbands 12. ASSIST IN HOUSEHOLD CHORES

        *The chores are yours.  She has been helping you!

        *Help her now and get the reward later.

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