marriage vitamins for husbands


marriage vitamins for husbands 13. LEARN THE ACT OF SEX

       *You hold the key to your wife’s sexual satisfaction.

       *Sex is to be learned.

       *Read books on sex and discover how to make your wife want more.


marriage vitamins for husbands 14. OPEN THE DOOR FOR HER

       *Treat her like a queen; she will treat you like a king in return.


marriage vitamins for husbands 15. TOUCH HER DAILY

       *Touching is like magic.

       *It will do something wonderful to your wife’s emotions.


marriage vitamins for husbands16. REMEMBER HER BIRTHDAY AND YOUR ANNIVERSARY

        *Program your organizer to remind you.

        *Mark your calendar.

        *Celebrate her special days.

        *Celebrate your special days together.


marriage vitamins for husbands 17. INVOLVE HER IN YOUR THINKING/PLANNING

*Brainstorm with your wife.

       *Ask for her opinion before taking decisions.

       *Ask her for ideas, you might be surprised!


marriage vitamins for husbands 18. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR WIFE’S GIFT OF INTUITION

        *Where you are weak, your wife is strong.

        *Her gift of intuition is an asset.


marriage vitamins for husbands 19. SHOW YOUR COMMITMENT TO YOUR FAMILY

       *Fulfil your promises to your wife and children.

       *Don’t love in words only.


marriage vitamins for husbands 20. SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY

        *You can hardly succeed in any venture you don’t have time for.

        *More than your money, your family needs you to be around.


marriage vitamins for husbands 21. BE AFFECTIONATE TO YOUR WIFE

        *Affection meets emotional needs of your wife.

        *Give flowers, hug her daily, write love letters, send her love messages etc.


marriage vitamins for husbands 22. BUILD HER SELF ESTEEM

       *Never talk your wife down.

       *Don’t shout on her privately or in public.

       *Give her words of commendations.


marriage vitamins for husbands 23. LEARN TO SAY “I AM SORRY” TO YOUR WIFE

        *Anytime you hurt your wife, say: ‘I am sorry’.

        *Apology honestly tendered clears the air.

        *Matured men take responsibilities for their actions.

       *Apology does not reduce anyone, it does the opposite.


marriage vitamins for husbands24. FORGIVE YOUR WIFE

        *Love cannot thrive without forgiveness.

        *Be forgiving.

        *You are commanded by God to forgive.

        *Unforgiving is a sin



Vitamins can only be taken by people who are alive. A relationship with God will inject eternal life into you and real life into your marriage. It’s easier for marriages to survive when both partners are in Christ.

Do you want to give your life to Christ?

Please say this prayer aloud:

“Lord Jesus, I thank you for your love to me.  Thank you for dying on the cross for me.  I repent from my sins today.  Heavenly father, please forgive me my sins and wash me with the blood of Jesus.  From today, I accept Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour.  In Jesus’ name I pray (Amen).”

If you said this prayer, please use the contact form to share the good news with me. Thanks and God bless you.

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