Marriage vitamins for wives

Marriage vitamins

These are marriage vitamins for wives. Vitamins are chemical substances which are found in very small quantities in certain foods and fruits. Lack of certain vitamins can cause weaknesses and diseases in people and animals.  Vitamins are named by a letter of the alphabet A, B, C, D, E, G, H, K or P.  i.e. Oranges contain vitamin C.1

Modern day medicine had been able to package vitamins in tablets or capsules as food supplements.  One tablet of vitamins a day can provide the vitamin needs for the day.  Taking the required vitamin dosage per day increases energy and metabolism, promotes better digestion, improves ability to concentrate, eliminates toxins in the body, promotes better blood circulation, boosts the immune system etc.

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There are special vitamin formulas for men, women, children and the aged.  There are also some that both men and women can take.  These marriage vitamins for wives will do the same thing for a wife in her marriage relationship just as adequate intake of vitamins will do for her body.  These vitamins are for daily intake/usage.

                           MARRIAGE VITAMINS FOR WIVES:

marriage vitamins for wives 1. Submit to your husband

      “Wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands.”  (Eph. 5.22)

    *This is God’s commandment to every wife.

    *You are to submit to your husband just like the church submits to Christ.

    *There is no better prescription for a wife to enjoy a successful home.


marriage vitamins for wives 2. REVERENCE YOUR HUSBAND

      “… and the wife see that she reverence her husband” (Eph. 5:33b)

       *Respect your husband.

       *Do not talk to him anyhow.

       *Give him some honour.

       *Men like to be respected, especially by their wives.


marriage vitamins for wives 3. TREAT YOUR HUSBAND AS A KING

       *Give your husband the best treat.

       *Never serve a visitor better than your husband.

       *Use the best dishes to serve him.

       *What you do not give your husband, never give anyone else.

       *Treat him as a king; he will treat you as a queen.


marriage vitamins for wives 4. BUILD YOUR HUSBAND’S SELF ESTEEM

       *Tell your husband how important he is to you.

       *Fan his ego.

       *That is the best way to ‘control’ him.


marriage vitamins for wives 5. NEVER USE SEX AS A WEAPON

       *The home is not supposed to be a battlefield where weapons are used.

       *Never use sex to punish your husband.

        *Sex means so much to him than it means to you.

        *Using sex as a weapon to get even is like pulling down your home with your own  hands!  (Prov. 14:1).


marriage vitamins for wives 6. SATISFY YOUR HUSBAND SEXUALLY

       *Sexual satisfaction is a priority need to him.

       *Do not just let him do his thing.

       *Let your mind be involved with him.

        *Participate fully.


marriage vitamins for wives 6. SEDUCE YOUR HUSBAND TO BED

*Learn what it takes to turn your husband on.

       *Dress to entice him in your bedroom.

       *Wear perfume.


       *Become irresistible to him!


marriage vitamins for wives 7. DRESS FOR YOUR HUSBAND

       *Dress to please yourself and your husband.

        *If your husband is not pleased with your dress, remove it and wear another one.

        *Never dress for other men but for yourself and your husband.


marriage vitamins for wives 8. BE CONSCIOUS OF PERSONAL HYGIENE

       *Take good care of your body.

       *Don’t put him off.

       *Use roll-on and perfume daily.


 marriage vitamins for wives 9. WATCH YOUR WEIGHT

       *Don’t eat everything you see.

       *You have control over your look.

       *Apply self control for your husband’s sake.


marriage vitamins for wives 10. DECORATE YOUR INNER  MAN (1 Peter 3:1-6)

*Don’t limit your beauty to external.

       *The inner beauty is more pronounced.

       *External beauty fades with time.

       *Inner beauty endures till old age.


marriage vitamins for wives 11. APPRECIATE HIS EFFORTS

*Appreciate him when he tries to make a difference.

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