Marriage vitamins for wives

*As you pray for him to change in other areas, appreciate the areas he has changed.


marriage vitamins for wives 12. NEVER CURSE YOUR HUSBAND

       *Even when provoked, control your tongue and never curse.

       *Control your anger.

       *Your curse could affect your lives together.


marriage vitamins for wives 13. SPEAK NO EVIL OF YOUR HUSBAND TO YOUR  FRIENDS

       *Don’t put down your husband before your friends,

      *Lest he loses value before them,

      *And that reduces you too.


marriage vitamins for wives 14. DON’T KEEP FRIENDS YOUR HUSBAND OPPOSES

       *Keeping a friend your husband opposes will lead to friction in your marriage.

       *No friend is good enough to break your home.

       *Sometimes, you need to choose between a friend and your husband.

        *Be wise.


marriage vitamins for wives 15. MAKE YOUR HUSBAND YOUR  BEST FRIEND

       *The safe haven is to make your husband your best friend.

        *Never tell any friend what you cannot discuss with your husband.

        *Stick to your husband as one flesh.


marriage vitamins for wives 16. LIVE FAITHFULLY (1 Peter 3:6).

         *Never give room for suspicion.

         *Never be close to another man other than your husband.

         *Let your husband hear what happened firsthand before the news gets distorted.


marriage vitamins for wives 17. PRAY FOR YOUR HUSBAND 

       *God answers prayers.

       *Prayer changes things.

       *The power of a praying wife is tremendous. (James 5:16)



“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labour.” (Eccl. 4:9)           

       *Strive to be his help meet indeed.

       *There is something you can do to help him.

       *Two are better than one.


marriage vitamins for wives 19. LEARN TO SAY “I AM SORRY”

       *Apology honestly tendered, clears the air.

       *Ability to apologize is a sign of maturity.


marriage vitamins for wives 20. BE FORGIVING

       *There will surely be hurts.

       *Practise forgiveness.

      *You are commanded by God to forgive.

      *Forgiveness is releasing yourself from the prison of an offense committed against you.


marriage vitamins for wives 21. DO NOT PUNISH HIM FOR THE SINS OF OTHERS AGAINST YOU.

       *Don’t transfer your aggression from other men that hurt you while growing up to your husband.

      *Your husband is a new person in your life.

      *Be fair and just to him.


marriage vitamins for wives 22. DISCOVER THE UNIQUENESS OF YOUR HUSBAND

        *Your husband is for your discovery.

        *Discover who he is and what he likes or dislikes.

        *Discover his best food, best gift and words that make him feel important.

        *Always give him the best as much as possible.


marriage vitamins for wives 23. DON’T COMPARE HIM WITH OTHERS  (II Cor. 10:12)

        *Never catch the flu of comparison syndrome.

        *It is unwise to compare your husband with other men. (II Cor. 10:12).

        *You, your husband and God make an unbeatable team.



Vitamins can only be taken by people who are alive. A relationship with God will inject eternal life into you and real life into your marriage. It’s easier for marriages to survive when both partners are in Christ.

Do you want to give your life to Christ?

Please say this prayer aloud:

“Lord Jesus, I thank you for your love to me.  Thank you for dying on the cross for me.  I repent from my sins today.  Heavenly father, please forgive me my sins and wash me with the blood of Jesus.  From today, I accept Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour.  In Jesus’ name I pray (Amen).”

If you said this prayer, please use the contact form to share the good news with me. Thanks and God bless you.

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