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Marriage can work

Why are so many marriages not working? Is it true that they can’t possibly work? There is no marriage that can’t possibly work. It is possible. I believe that every marriage can work. This means that every marriage has the potential and ability to work if the partners are willing to learn and do those things that matter in making the marriage work. It is God’s will for every marriage to be successful, but the final decision lies with every couple.

Every house is built by someone. This means that magnificent edifices don’t accidentally occur. Somebody would have to pay the price, spend the time and sacrifice a lot of resources for the edifice to stand. The simple truth is that marriages don’t work until couples are ready to make it work. Marriages don’t work automatically as a result of the social status of couples. Marital failure is no respecter of status. Every marriage can work, but not every marriage will work. The reason why every marriage will not work is because every couple will not pay necessary attention to their marriage. If every couple would pay attention to their marriage and do things that will make their marriage to work, then every marriage will work excellently.

I believe the premise that “every marriage can work” is where to start from in finding solution to marital problems. If there is no faith in the possibility of marriages working, then there is no need finding solutions to marital problems. Of course, we know as a matter of fact that despite the bad statistics, some marriages are still working. If some marriages can work, then there is the possibility for every other marriage to work. Here are the seven reasons why I believe every marriage can work:

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