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No matter how expensive and beautiful your car is, it cannot serve you well if you don’t follow the designer’s recommendations in the owner’s manual. Sometimes, you may not fully grasp why a designer gives certain instructions in the user’s manual. You really don’t have to understand everything into details. It is not compulsory to fully understand the mechanics of a motor car before you can use one. You just follow the instructions and you will enjoy the product.

Someone may query why the designers of motor vehicles instruct that fuel be put into a big tank called fuel tank, while water is to be put into a smaller tank called the radiator. Anybody can think about it that since fuel is expensive, it should be put into the smaller tank (radiator) while water that is very cheap should be put into the bigger tank (fuel tank). That makes economic sense. Isn’t it? It is evident that anyone who thinks like this is going to ground his car in no time. The car will not work with water in the fuel tank. The engine will just not start no matter how clean the water is. Simple instructions from manufacturers are to be followed in order to enjoy their products.

Follow the manual

If God says: ‘women submit to your husband’, it means that is one of the things to do for a woman to enjoy her marriage. Going against this instruction will not make any marriage to work.  God also says to the man to love his wife sacrificially. If a man is so full of himself and so selfish in relating with his wife, he cannot possibly enjoy his marriage.

Products need maintenance. No matter how beautiful a new car is, for the user to enjoy it for a long time, he must pay enough attention to maintaining the car. When fuel level is low, he must drive the car to a gas station for refill. If he is too busy and can’t spare the time to do that, he may end up discovering how foolish he had been when the car stops in the middle of the road. Imagine a business man that is going for an important meeting with a near zero fuel in his car. If he is so busy and too much in a hurry to spend a little time to refill his tank, will he arrive on time for his ‘important’ appointment? Not really, as the car is bound to stop working as soon as the fuel level reaches zero.

Married people also should not expect their marriage to keep running smoothly without any form of maintenance. This requires time, attention and resources. You need to frequently and regularly refill your relationship with the fuel of love. It is compulsory. You really don’t have a choice if you want that relationship to get to its destination. To do otherwise is to ground it. It’s amazing for car users to imagine they can keep driving a car when fuel level is zero!

Create time for your marriage

As you keep using your vehicle which was designed by a fellow man, you need to service it periodically and replace worn-out or damaged parts. Every morning, you need to check the state of the engine by making sure that enough water is where water should be and that fuel and oil are also sufficient in the places they are supposed to be. If you assume to know more than the designer and you put water where oil should be, then the car will find it very difficult to serve you. It then starts malfunctioning.

Everything must be put in its required place and in sufficient quantities for the car to work effectively. This is exactly the same way marriage works. Every necessary thing that a marriage needs to have in order for it to work as designed must be known (by reading the manual) and put into place for the marriage to work effectively and smoothly as designed by God. As a user of a product, you can’t have a superior idea to that of the manufacturer. You can’t know a product better than the designer. Just follow simple instructions. That’s how to be smart!

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