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The marketplace is there for Christians and anybody to make all the money they can. For believers, they should only pursue money within the boundaries of righteousness. Haven had a field day in the market place, we should come into the temple of God to worship, pray and give our tithes and offerings cheerfully in thanksgiving to God who gave us the power to make wealth. We should not come into the temple of God with the mindset of coming to make money again! We had the whole week to do that!

Don’t pursue money into God’s temple. If you come into the temple, looking for money, you won’t find God. Come into the temple to seek after God and offer your sacrifice of praise to the Almighty. Then all other things shall be added unto you. The marketplace is the right place for Christians and anybody else to pursue money. The temple is the place of worship and prayer. This is a place where you part with money in sacrificial giving, not a place to double your investment. “And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.” (Matt 21:13).

How I wish it is true that if you give N20,000 offering, you will have hundredfold back. With the help of compounding in a short while every believer should be rolling in millions of dollars! Then going to the marketplace would have been useless. Of course, that is the lies many people have bought that make them rush to churches where they are promised they can become financially prosperous by giving different kinds and forms of offerings. The reality is that it does not happen that way.

Worship God truthfully

When you come into the temple, worship God in spirit and in truth, offer your prayers and be fed with the undiluted word of God. Thereafter, give your offerings faithfully, cheerfully, sacrificially and obediently to God. Don’t give to God with an investment mentality. God will surely bless you in His own way.

Tomorrow, we will talk about the miracle of financial provision.

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