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The marketplace is the right place for Christians to pursue money. The temple of Jehovah is a place of worship, word and prayer. We are to give our tithes and offerings willingly, cheerfully and sacrificially as worship to God. When we worship God faithfully, there shall be miracles. Our God is a wonder working God. The miracle of financial provision that comes from God is not different in principle to any other kind of miracle.

Miracles cannot be purchased with money. Miracles do not just happen because we gave some money. God’s miracles are not for sale. Miracles happen when we have an encounter with God, are able to connect with God in our spirit and we receive a word or instruction over a situation. If we act on the inspired word or instruction, God will honour our obedience and miracles will surely happen. So, if a believer receives a word (rhema) from God to give an offering, and he/she obeys, miracles will follow. The miracle can be anything or whatever the believer believes God for at that time. It can be a miracle of financial provision, job provision or anything.

A believer can also receive a word or an instruction from God to do any other thing apart from giving an offering. It is not just about money. However, God’s acts cannot be turned into formulas. If somebody else who has no contact or connection in his heart with God just follow this person’s testimony and gave his offerings in expectation for a similar miracle, nothing will happen.

It is not a formula

This is not an arithmetic formula like 1+2=3. It is also not an economic theory. It has to do with the breath of God into a man and a corresponding act of obedience for miracles to happen. Not a magical wand, but It originates in God from the depth of the Spirit. It is only those who are sensitive in their spirit and are able to discern the move of the spirit that can catch it. Bottom line, the miracle of financial provision is not a compensation for attending a service and giving your offerings. This is a product of an encounter or a walk with God.

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