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Miracles of financial provisions

There are miracles of financial provisions, but it is not like you just give some money as offerings in exchange for miracles of supernatural supplies. It is a walk with God and not a game. Financial prosperity preachers have made us believe that all we need to do is just give our offerings and expect financial breakthroughs to follow. Yes, we need to give our offerings cheerfully and bountifully, but that is not all we have to do to walk in supernatural supplies.

Miracles happen when we connect with God and receive an instruction or a word which we can act upon. We do not have to give solely for the purpose of making more money. Our giving to God should be out of our love for Him, as worship and as a sacrifice of thanksgiving. We should also remember to give to the poor.

Miracles are not formulas. In Cana of Galilee, the mother of Jesus told them that: “whatever he says to you, do it.” (John 2:5) Jesus asked them to fill the waterpots with water. When they did that, he asked them to draw out of the water and take to the governor of the feast. As they were going in obedience, the water turned into wine! That was a miracle of supernatural provision. Of course, this is not how to brew wine. The water turned into wine because they received a word from Jesus and acted on the word they received.

Be wise and discerning

It will be foolhardy for someone to now start to preach it that if you are short of wine at your party, just ask the servers to fetch water and fill some containers. Thereafter, take some to the Master of Ceremony, on the way, it will become wine. We will quickly label such a preacher as a liar. But when they tell us to just bring our money for the purpose of multiplying it for us, we eat it line, hook and sinker. Who does not want more money? God will back His word and not anyone’s greed.

Unbelievers, Christians who are living in sin and converts who are yet to know their left from their right spiritually rush to a church because they heard that they are praying and laying hands on worshipers for financial breakthrough there. Upon getting there, they are asked to keep giving their offerings for their breakthroughs. They keep giving and giving and getting nothing until they get tired and also get offended.

Someone who could hardly feed himself and his family was going about trying to borrow N50,000 (about $140) to give as offering in his church for financial breakthroughs. He was not trying to borrow money to start a business in the market place, but to give as breakthrough offering! What kind of nonsense is that? We know it is a scam because N50,000 cannot buy any financial miracle. The ‘price’ is higher than that! Some are sold handkerchiefs, anointing oil, holy water from Israel or whatever trick can be thought about for financial miracles. These things are simply ridiculous.

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