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No shortcut to wealth

A country where people run to religious houses for financial prosperity instead of building factories and starting businesses will remain in abject poverty until the people can have a change of attitude. The same thing goes for an individual life. In the house of God, we receive salvation, healing and transformation of our lives through the teaching of God’s word so that we can live a life that is pleasing to God and shine as light wherever we go. That is the purpose of the temple. It is a place of worship, prayer and teaching of God’s word. When it comes to earning a living and making money, the right place to go is the market place. That is the purpose of the marketplace. The marketplace is open to Christians and non believers alike. No shortcut to real wealth.

It is not wrong or ungodly for Christians to desire financial prosperity. We need money to run our churches and preach the gospel. Therefore, if any Christian desires to have money, the marketplace is there. Do not come to the temple of God with the object of money making in your heart. Come to meet God. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. All these things shall be added to you because God will surely bless the work of your hand when you serve Him faithfully. (Matt 6:33) In the temple, give your tithes and offerings faithfully, cheerfully and bountifully. Give sacrificially as worship and thanksgiving to God. Do not give with the mind of doubling your money. God is not a money doubler. Of course, God will bless you for your giving, but in His own way.

Personal development

If you want more money, develop yourself in your chosen career, profession or business. If your present business is not yielding enough, you can diversify. Attend trade fairs, business seminars, conferences and expos. Do all you can do righteously to pursue money in the marketplace and trust God to bless the work of your hand. God bless you.

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