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The beauty of virginity

These are some questions and answers from my book title: “The Beauty of Virginity”. This book is written for parents and children. It can help to kickstart the discussion on sexuality. Virginity talk is becoming rare these days. There are questions of what to do with virginity on the minds of youths. Virginity has a purpose. God designed virginity for a reason. “The beauty of virginity” is a must read for every parent and teens.

11. My lecturer is threatening me with failure in his course unless I sleep with him. What should I do? I don’t want to fail.

It is highly disturbing these days to realize that some of those whom the society had invested with the responsibility of nurturing our children through education are the very ones corrupting them. If your lecturer asks you for sex and you are not interested in his advances, refuse him. Let him know your stand as a Christian and that fornication is a sin against God and your future spouse. If he refuses to bulge, take his matter to God in prayers.

You can ask other trusted brethren in your church/fellowship to join you in prayer over the matter. God answers prayers. You can ask God to touch his heart and cause a change or, ask God to confuse his mind until he enters into trouble. Some lecturers had been prayed out of their jobs this way because they will not allow daughters of Zion to rest.

Something else you can do is to report him to trusted Christian lecturers who can speak to him on your behalf. When I was an undergraduate, one of our Christian lecturers used to do this on behalf of some of our sisters in the fellowship and it really did helped.

Prepare for your exams

On your own side, make sure you prepare very well for his exam such that it will be hard for him to fail you.

As a last resort, if he ends up failing you, you can protest your marks to the school’s authorities. Pray and seek God’s leading before taking any of these steps. Sometimes, those threats may be empty threats just to coerce you into sleeping with him. God may also touch his heart and he will not fail you.

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