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The testimony of uprightness

I love this testimony. A certain school proprietor was involved in a lot of sharp practises.  He school was making a lot of money just like many such schools in Nigeria. Then, his church intervened, called this brother and asked him to choose between his school business where he is doing his ‘runs’ (sharp practises) and the church. After this crucial meeting with his church authorities, he stopped the illegal and immoral activities of examination malpractices in his school. Today, he may not be as wealthy as his colleagues, but he has his peace of mind and church membership.

This is how churches should positively influence the lives of their members to live a life that is well pleasing to God. Unfortunately these days, churches are a big part of the decadence in the society. What matters in so many churches today are the huge offerings, not the lifestyles of their members. God have mercy!

Church leaders have a big role to play in helping their church members to live uprightly. God expects his children to be upright and holy. Church leaders should live by example and refuse to condone unrighteousness. Do not praise a brother who is living in unrighteousness just because he gives a lot of money in the church. We shall all give account of our stewardship to God at the end of the day.

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