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How to turn saints into sinners

Churches have become places where saints are turned into sinners. Imagine a believer who just got saved with a lot of zeal and passion for soul winning attending a churches where the main message is financial prosperity. This new believer is looking for instructions and directions to live uprightly and righteously. After a while, this new believer will lose his zeal and start running after financial prosperity. The zeal he came with had been eroded away. Jesus said we cannot serve God and Mammon.

Financial prosperity is not a discipleship message. Taking a new believer through some classes for new believers is not yet discipleship. Discipleship is a long process that includes messages heard from the pulpit. According to Charles Spurgeon, “Being a Christian is more than just an instantaneous conversion –it is a daily process whereby you grow to be more and more like Christ”.

Leading by example

The lifestyle of pastors and church leaders is also a discipleship message to new believers. When most of the testimonies are centered on financial breakthrough, the new believer will also start praying and believing God for his own financial breakthrough. Financial breakthrough should not be the reason for going to  church. Soon, the new believer gets to know the lifestyle of those crooked believers who are being celebrated for their financial contributions and testimonies. He is taken aback and enters into a shock. Later, that believer will recover from his shock. The innocent new believer may become compromised and turned into a sinner by joining the rat race.  He may also get offended and stop attending any church again.

Others may try to change their church or remain passive and confused, not knowing what to do. Mammon worship is not of God. Churches are meant to be platforms where sinners are turned into saints and not vice versa. Excessive preaching of messages on financial prosperity and exaltation of materialism is the way to turn saints into sinners.

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