Picture of a couple having conversation. This shows affection

Is it really affection or conversation?

This is a breakthrough discovery about the priority need of women in marriage. The priority need of women is generally known to be affection, but that is about to change with this discovery. Every couple and marriage therapist should read this. Intending couples should lay hold of this discovery before entering into marriage.

The big mistake couples make

There is a string of error that if not removed from a relationship can easily and quickly pull down any marriage. This error is the big mistake of unconsciously expecting that what is a priority to you should also be a priority to your spouse. This pattern of thinking stems from the human nature of tending to generalize a personal feeling. For example, if a man has high temperature as a result of fever, he feels may be everybody is also feeling the same way he is feeling. It takes a conscious mental effort to inform oneself that not all personal feelings are general. Sometimes, you may need to ask your neighbour how he/she feels so that you can be sure nobody else is experiencing the high body temperature you are battling with.

Many times, husbands expect their wives to feel and think the same way they do. Wives also many times erroneously get disappointed that their husbands are not giving the same priorities to things they hold in high esteem. Men and women see things differently. What is of a high priority to a man is not necessarily of a high priority to a woman. Husbands and wives need to learn this truth early enough in marriage. Otherwise, they will only be chasing shadows and can soon get frustrated with each other.

Importance of Priority

It is very wise to understand the importance of priority. Economists say human wants are unlimited but the resources are limited. Since resources are limited, man needs to list his wants in order of importance. The most important need comes first and the others follow, depending on how important they are.

The first item on the scale of preference becomes a priority. This means no matter how little the resources are, the priority item on the list must first be attended to. Even if all other items are going to wait, the priority item cannot wait. It also means that until the priority item is taken care of, it is assumed nothing has been done. For example, the priority of a rational student for attending a higher institution is to earn a degree. Whatever is achieved in that school at the end of the day is nothing without the degree.

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