Picture of a couple having conversation. This shows affection
Affection vs Conversation

What gives the woman the same level of fulfilment the man has in sexual fulfilment is not affection at all. It is rather, a heartfelt conversation. Sexual intercourse naturally originates from the man. Affection also originates from the man. I discovered that whatever would give the woman the peak of marital satisfaction must be something that originates from the woman. The man should not be the initiator of what gives him maximum fulfilment in marriage and at the same time, also be the initiator of what gives the woman maximum fulfilment in marriage.

A woman is not a dud. She intuitively longs for what gives her relieve, satisfaction and fulfilment (which is conversation). Even though she has been schooled to accept that affection is her number one marital need. Each one knows where he or she feels hunger. Inevitably, the woman also has something to offer. It is not only about the man and what he does or gets. Marriage is about the woman and the man. It is about what they both do and get which can be described as fulfilment or the peak of their excitement and happiness for being together as husband and wife. Each gender knows what gives him/her the maximum fulfilment and seeks to have it by initiating steps in that direction. Hence, the man initiates sex, the woman initiates conversation

A woman can initiate what she longs for

If affection indeed is the woman’s number one marital need, it then means she can’t initiate what she longs for. She has to wait for the man to remember what she needs and give it to her. This does not sound logical enough, as human beings generally seek and initiate steps in the direction of whatever gives them fulfilment or pleasure in life. Even babies initiate steps toward what they desire to have. A baby can lift up her hands toward an adult when she wishes to be carried by the adult. She doesn’t just sit down there, expecting the adult to intuitively know what she desires.

When the baby is hungry and needs to eat, he cries and longs for the food until it is provided. A woman naturally knows what her priority need is and she intuitively longs and takes steps toward meeting that need. Even though she has been tutored to believe that need is something else. Hence, a woman constantly initiates steps toward conversation and feels highly embarrassed, depressed, unrelieved, dissatisfied and unfulfilled when she is denied of it.

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